How to Lay Sod

Thank you for placing your order! We are working to get your sod ready for delivery, but in the meantime, make sure that your land preparation is all done. Sod is a perishable product and needs to be installed within 6 hours of delivery. Having your land preparation all done by the time your sod arrives will help with establishment greatly.

Think carefully about the site you want to lay sod in… Remember that establishing sod needs 4-6 hours of sunlight every day to grow properly!


Land Preparation: 3 Ways


  • Rototill, rake debris, level surfaces.
  • Rent a small sod harvester to remove the old turf.
  • Set your lawn mower at the lowest setting, mow the lawn, rake debris and put down a thin layer of good quality top soil before laying sod.


Carefully level all surfaces to be sodded. Soil surfaces should be 1 inch below walkways, patios and driveways to accommodate the sod thickness.  A light rolling will show soil depressions or irregularities. These can then be leveled.

Take a photo of your prepared land to be submitted for guarantee.



When it comes to fertilizer, you can either fertilize the prepared land before sod installation OR you can spread the fertilizer on top of your sod once installed.


Fertilizer will be used by the sod over the next few days as it is watered. We recommend using a fertilizer with a high middle number (i.e. 10-25-10) Turf starter fertilizer should be applied evenly and at the recommended rate (see fertilizer packaging).

What kind of fertilizer did you use?

Lay Sod Within 6 Hours


Begin laying sod as soon as possible (within 6 hours) upon delivery especially during the summer months to avoid damage from overheating. Sod that won’t be installed within a few hours should be unstacked to allow air circulation.  Never cover or water sod when it is on a pallet.


Lay the first strip of sod along a straight line using a string as a guide. Butt joints tightly. Do not overlap edges. When laying the second strip, stagger the joints, much like laying bricks. Use a sharp knife to cut sod to fit curves, edges, sprinkler heads, etc.

What time did you start to lay the sod?

Water. Water. Water!


Water within 15 minutes of laying the first roll! Do not wait until the entire area is sodded before watering. As soon as a “sprinkler sized” area is laid, begin watering it. Then go on to water the next section.  On a hot day, do not leave laid sod for more than an hour without water. On a cooler, overcast day, do not leave laid sod for more than 2 hours.

Take a photo of your new lawn after the first watering!

Rolling Your Sod (Optional)


Roll your new lawn to even out the turf joints and to ensure good contact between the turf roots and your soil. Rolling is also effective at removing air pockets, and will help with a cleaner finished product.

Keep Your New Lawn Moist


Make sure to water diligently for the next month. Follow this watering schedule for the best chance at success. The consistent moisture will help the turf edges to knit together and the roots to establish.

Did you follow the watering and mowing schedule? Take a final photo of your new lawn 7 days after installation and submit it.

New Sod Maintenance


Watering Newly Laid Sod

Water is the single most important tip for successful sod installation.


Water Immediately.

Our basic rule has always been: A half inch of water in the first 10-15 minutes is better than 3 inches of water a few hours later.


Water Deeply.

To maximize results, the ground must be kept moist.

IMPORTANT: Ensure water has penetrated the the sod by lifting a corner and checking the ground beneath.


1. To gauge watering, simply place an empty straight-edge can or container about 6 feet away from the sprinkler.

2. When there is a half inch of water in the can, it is time to move the sprinkler to the next area.

3. Reflected heat along buildings dries sod quickly. Be sure to water these areas more often.


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Day 1 Water Water
Day 2 Water
Water Water
Day 3 Water Water
Day 4 Water
Day 5 Water Water Water Water
Day 6
Day 7 Mow Mow Mow Mow



Mowing Newly Laid Sod

For best results, mow your new sod 7 days after installation and perpendicular to the direction it was laid. Adjust your cutting height if needed.

IMPORTANT: The most common and disastrous installation mistake is NOT mowing 6-7 days after installation.


1. Your new living carpet needs mowing 6-7 days after installation.

2. The basic mowing rule: never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade during a single mowing.

3. Set your mower at a cutting height of approximately 2 1/4”.

4. For best appearance and better resistance to disease, be sure to keep your mower blades sharp.

Post Sod Establishment


Regular Maintenance Requirements



Fertilize your new lawn a minimum of three(3) times per year. Soil samples should be taken annually. If a soil sample is unattainable, apply a fertilizer with a balanced ratio of 2-1-2 at the following “N” (nitrogen) levels: for passive lawn areas, apply a minimum of 4 lbs of nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year; for medium to high traffic areas, apply a minimum of 6 lbs of actual nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year. Apply fertilizer according to this schedule: first day of Spring, first day of Summer, first day of fall. Optionally fertilize after your last day of mowing before winter dormancy.

Mowing Established Sod

Mow your new lawn a minimum of once per week, and twice per week during peak growing season (mid Spring/early Summer). NEVER REMOVE MORE THAN 1/3 OF THE GRASS BLADE. Ideal mowing height is 2.5 to 2.75 inches.


For passive lawn areas ensure your new lawn receives a minimum of one (1) inch of water per week and for high traffic areas up to two inches of water per week. Water deeply but infrequently.

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