Sod Guarantee


As your local sod farm, we stand behind our products. Our Sod Guarantee Program takes some engagement from our customers, but we truly believe that this will help ensure sod success. Follow along our Sod Guarantee for installation tips and tricks, and to protect your investment! If all installation steps were followed correctly and your sod is still not right, we will replace all product. (Delivery not included)

Terms and Conditions


  1. The homeowner properly prepared the area where the sod is to be laid prior to receiving your delivery as per our easy to follow guide.
  2. At least three inches of quality topsoil exists or was added to the installation area prior to laying down the turf and all sod rolls have total soil-soil contact.
  3. Sod was installed in the first 6 hours after delivery and watered within the first 15 minutes of unrolling it
  4. A sensible effort was put forth by the homeowner to properly maintain the new sod. This means following proper installation procedures, a watering schedule, as well as fertilizing and mowing as found in our easy to follow guide.
  5. Sod was not damaged by person(s) or animals, digging, walking or disturbing the newly rooted turf
  6. Damage done by extreme weather conditions including flooding, hail, fire etc. will not be covered
  7. Improper use of chemicals and/or fertilizers resulting in “burnt turf” is excluded from the warranty
  8. New sod must receive proper sunlight (6 hours per day) in order to be covered under warranty
  9. The installation process is recorded and submitted to to ensure proper care.
  10. SodGuarantee submission MUST be completed within 14 days of installation to be eligible.
  11. The following Maintenance Requirements must be performed during the growing season after a proper installation in order for the warranty to be eligible:
  • Fertilize your new lawn a minimum of three(3) times per year. Soil samples should be taken annually. If a soil sample is unattainable, apply a fertilizer with a balanced ratio of 2-1-2 at the following “N” (nitrogen) levels: for passive lawn areas, apply a minimum of 4 lbs of nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year; for medium to high traffic areas, apply a minimum of 6 lbs of actual nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year. Apply fertilizer according to this schedule: first day of Spring, first day of Summer, first day of fall. Optionally fertilize after your last day of mowing before winter dormancy.
  • Mow your new lawn a minimum of once per week, and twice per week during peak growing season (mid Spring/early Summer). NEVER REMOVE MORE THAN 1/3 OF THE GRASS BLADE. Ideal mowing height is 2.5 to 2.75 inches.
  • For passive lawn areas ensure your new lawn receives a minimum of one (1) inch of water per week and for high traffic areas up to two inches of water per week. Water deeply but infrequently.


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