Protect Your Investment


We are your local sod farm. Our job is to get farm fresh sod delivered straight to our customer’s home. We grow some of the finest Kentucky Bluegrass species in North America, but once the sod reaches your door, we ask that you treat it with the same care and tenderness that we did. Sod is a perishable product and requires attention to detail, and efficiency. To increase the likelihood that our customers will install sod correctly and have success with their new lawn, we are introducing


We laid out a very simple How-To guide for installing sod, and along the way we ask that our customers record some of their project. You will see several shield icons throughout the guide to let you know when to record something. Once you complete your project and have all the required information, head to our Guarantee Submission page and fill out the form to be eligible for our Sod Guarantee! (See Terms and Conditions)

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