If my sod doesn’t live, and it is evidently due to defective product, what will SodGuarantee.com do to rectify the situation?

SodGuarantee.com will determine if the failed sod install is in fact due to defective product, or mishandling by the customer. If the product is determined to be defective, we will replace all sod rolls that are damaged. Delivery and installation is not included.



How long will my newly sodded lawn take to root?

Growing conditions, site preparations, installations and time of the season changes how long it takes for sod to root.  Generally it takes 2 weeks for shallow roots and six weeks to establish deep root growth.  Lift up the sod and if you don’t see white roots after 2 weeks check your watering schedule. Watering may need to be reduced to allow the roots to start looking for water.


Can I wet a pallet of sod to keep it cool before installation?


Sod is still growing while it is rolled up. When it grows it produces heat and gases that need to escape. Water traps the heat and gases and escalates the process that in turn can harm the sod.



Should I place a tarp over the pallet of sod?


Like we mentioned about wetting the pallet of sod, we want as much air movement as possible around the sod rolls.  Even if it is going to rain, do not tarp the pallet of sod.  However if it ever happens to be below freezing temperatures you can use a tarp to help the sod not freeze.


How do I lay sod on a hill?

If you're laying sod on a hill, lay the strips perpendicular to the slope. This prevents it from sliding when watering. If the slope is very steep, use stakes or lawn staples to hold the sod in place. And then water it.



What else will SodGuarantee.com do with my data?

We are collecting this information to better understand our customer’s sod installations, and to better diagnose sod issues. We do not sell our information to any third party, and all your contact information will only be used as it relates to your install.

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